Sesame Oil Is Standard Oil For Cooking and Eating

Derived from sesame seeds (Til), a yellowish-brown in color, sesame oil is one of the oldest oil used by humans. Recent statistics reveal that there are enormous health benefits of this oil. Great for hair and skin, sesame oil is proven to be one of the best cooking oil adding flavors to the dish. Mostly used by Asians, sesame oil is also popular amongst Japanese, Chinese and African.
Let’s get started to view the benefits:

• Antioxidants: Among all-natural oils, sesame oil has the maximum benefit of antioxidants and is full of monounsaturated fats. It helps to fight damage and kill harmful microorganisms. If sesame oil is used for cooking it adds a neutral flavor to the palette while reducing inflammation. As considered as a standard for cooking, sesame oil has a strong aroma and is prized for its purity.

• Health benefits: Sesame oil imparts enormous health benefits such as remedies to coronary heart disease, arthritis, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, fights stress and depression, cures dental issues and more. This is one of the reasons ancient people solely depended on sesame oil. For its medicinal properties, Ayurveda has also mentioned sesame oil in many ways.

• Improves skin health: Intake of sesame oil improves hair as well as skin health imparting to flawless skin. For many, it is a blessing as it is used to treat plethora, dryness in the skin and eliminates acne. Packed with healing components like zinc and proteins, this oil promotes deep hydration and rejuvenates skin cells.

Apart from cooking, sesame oil is also used in finishing and garnishing dishes as it quickly blends into every type of dish. It is used for low or medium-heat cooking tends to lose some of its flavors if cooked over high heat. It is drizzled on dishes like soups and stir-fries after cooking, salad dressings, marinades, and sauces.