Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

Two words that exactly describe the benefits of black sesame seeds are “small but powerful”. In China since ancient ages, these small seeds are liberally used for their health friendly and anti-ageing qualities. Modern research has revealed some potential health benefits of these black sesame seeds that have identified these seeds as super food.

Anti-ageing benefits

It is medically proven that regular intake of these black seeds helps in fighting age signs like forming wrinkles, fine line, premature graying of hair, skin blemish etc. These seeds are good for offering skin internal resistance for unwanted sunburn damage.

Healthy skin and bone health

Consumption of black sesame seeds is good for bone health as it is loaded with calcium. Body oil containing sesame oil is equally good for its vitamin E support, which boosts skin glow.

Good for heart health and digestive fitness

Black sesame seeds contain Phytosterols, which is a natural agent for reducing cholesterol. Besides black sesame seeds contain sesamolin, sesamin, and magnesium that are good for heart health. The seeds are enriched in fiber and that helps in keeping the digestive system healthy and clean.


The seeds contain fiber and antioxidants that help in detoxification of the liver and digestive system. T the same these ingredients prevents the formation of free radicals in the body. It is medically proven that people who consume black sesame seeds in their diet are at lesser risk of developing colon cancer. Phytosterols in these seeds boost immunity in general and thus prevents cancerous diseases to set in.

There are some other health benefits of black sesame seeds, which are worth considering before you include it in your daily diet.

  • It helps in controlling migraine,
  • Regular intake helps in reducing joint pain of arthritis,
  • Helps in preventing diabetes, hypertension, anemia,
  • Regular intake helps in stress management.

These are a few benefits of black sesame seeds and the best part is you can add them to your daily diet without slightest modification of your culinary routine. The prerequisite is you should purchase it from a reputable source where the quality of these seeds is guaranteed.