Natural Sesame Oil

Natural Sesame oil or crude sesame oil as we say is extracted in extruders, also known as expellers under ambient temperatures. It is manufactured keeping in mind of its abundant benefits. It is highly rich in medicinal properties and some of it are highlighted below.

The Antioxidants Help As Immunity Booster

Cold press Sesame oil is a high quality oil rich in natural anti-oxidants. Its regular consumption in cooking prevents the formation of a tumor and fights the harmful free radicals in the body. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps to boost immunity.

Good For Our Heart And Health

Natural Sesame oil helps in maintaining good health and heart function better. It is known for lowering bad cholesterol and helps people suffering from the recurring cardio vascular disease. The cholesterol lowering feature  reduces harmful LDL cholesterol from the body and fights recurring disease of plaque accumulation within main arteries.

Does Not Have Preservatives

Natural Sesame oil is free from additives and preservatives. It is one of nature’s biggest gift and its regular consumption helps to heal lot of internal diseases in a human body as it is free from any artificial chemical or preservatives. It further heals lot of diseases caused by consumption of other preservatives in our todays fooding habits.

Helps In Delicious Cooking

Cold pressed oils retain their natural flavor and texture. As a result, when these are used for cooking, the recipes are prepared with best culinary expertise.

Excellent Massage Oil

Natural Sesame oil is enriched with wide array of vitamins and natural antioxidants which has extra lubricating property. Regular massage with sesame oil improves blood circulation and its skin friendly ingredients boost skin glow. It is one of the most widest used oil in all high-end cosmetic products and its direct application will surely lead to higher health and skin benefits.