Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a must for every organisation and has to be carried out so as to uphold a sense of balance between the financial system and the ecosystems.

At Edible Group we deal with manufacturing and export of quality edible oils and seeds which we know will be consumed by people with a mindset that they are contributing their best effort for improving their lifestyle and digestive health. Use of quality edible oil is measured as a good practice for healthy cooking and having healthy food for overall health consciousness. Alongside we understand and appreciate our social responsibility for helping our consumers to live healthy, stay healthy, and grow healthy with us.

Our manufacturing plant is located in close proximity to the agricultural region where best quality sesame seeds and paddy are available at nominal logistics cost to our plant for production of quality products with the mission that the consumers will get finest quality produce in their kitchen at most pocket friendly price. We maintain our social responsibility in 4 aspects and these are economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility, and philanthropic responsibility.

Economic Responsibility

The vital responsibility of a business organization is to optimize its productivity not only for attending to the interests of its shareholders but also for contributing to the improvement of the economy. At Edible group we optimize our productivity in a way so that we ensure growth of our investors as well as we ensure steady growth for our associates.

Legal Responsibility

We maintain our legal infrastructure in a way that keeps our workforce, associates, and management board properly protected and streamlined according to Indian Government’s business policies. We maintain orderly records for fundamental business permits and necessities, tax laws, labor rights, intellectual property rights, contracts and obligations, anti-trust and competition laws as well as consumer protection.

Ethical Responsibility

At Edible Group we maintain our workflow management in a way that is easy to recognize, interpret, and perform according to standards prescribed by a specific context or inside a given field. We are able to differentiate correct from incorrect and take decision and actions that give out the interests of concerned parties in a transparent and ethical way.

Philanthropic Responsibility

By philanthropic responsibility we at Edible Group agree that as a business organization we have a duty to give back to the society for the betterment of the society. Our quality assurance, labor welfare, customer care etc. are the prime approach that showcases our philanthropic responsibility.