Benefits of Rice Oil

Rice oil is also known as Rice bran oil and it has become quite popular cooking oil variant nowadays globally. Pricewise although inexpensive than other well-liked cooking oil options like soya oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil etc. surprisingly this oil variant is potentially powerful in terms of the health benefits it offers. It is a […]

Natural Sesame Oil

Cold pressed oils are natural oils extracted via cold press process. Presses are used in different sizes and with different crushing capacities. The extraction process is crude and oils crushed out from the seeds are not treated by heat, therefore they retain their best possible natural texture, flavor, and offer plenty of medical profit due […]

Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

Two words that exactly describe the benefits of black sesame seeds are “small but powerful”. In China since ancient ages, these small seeds are liberally used for their health friendly and anti-ageing qualities. Modern research has revealed some potential health benefits of these black sesame seeds that have identified these seeds as super food. Anti-ageing […]

Benefits of Sesame Oil

The use of sesame oil is quite popular worldwide. Presently, it is appreciated all over the world as an excellent carrier oil, and it is used in different cosmetic products for its natural lubricating nature and nutritious content. Sesame oil contains vital vitamins like E, B-complex, D, and essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus as well […]